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Haji Manzoor Ahmad was born on March 4, 1924, in Amritsar and migrated to Lahore during independence in 1947. He is considered pioneer of the goldsmith and jewellers movement in Pakistan. He has to his credit the honour of organizing the scattered businessmen of this trade at a platform. Haji Manzoor formed an association, convincing his colleagues that only a united movement could solve their problems and put the industry on the right track.

He started his business in famous Soha Bazar, Lahore, and continued serving the interest of the community. The year 1955 saw his election as General Secretary of the Soha Bazar Association, which polished his leadership skills. Then he organized jewellers at Lahore level and afterwards across Pakistan. He strengthened All Pakistan Sarafa and Jewellers Association and also served as its President. His whole life is full of devotion and hard work for the promotion of gold trade and to safeguard the interests of the jewellers' community. It was the result of his hectic efforts that a law was enacted. According to this law, if somebody sells stolen jewellery items to a jeweller, that shopkeeper should not be taken to task as he has bought it in good faith, considering the seller as a genuine owner of the articles.

Haji Manzoor Ahmad also united the sarafa community against taxes levied on this community during Yehya Khan regime, waged struggle against unjustifiable intervention of bureaucracy and his biggest achievement was introduction of latest prevailing system of weighing gold in grams instead of old system of 'Tola, Masha & Ratti. Haji Manzoor Ahmad also conceived the idea of Gold Art Promotion Council - Pakistan . The main purpose of its formation is to have a platform, rising above politics and specific interest and work solely to promote gold trade and expertise of artisans. He was fond of social service and took active part in the national politics and other activities. It was the reason that the Lahore Division Sarafa and Jewelers Association introduced an award in the name of Haji Manzoor ahmad which is conferred on those who excel in the field of jewelry trade. A five-member committee has been constituted for this purpose, which selects deserving and competent jewelers and traders with the approval of the Executive Committee of the Lahore Division Sarafa and Jewelers Association. First award was sponsored by World Gold Council in 1998. Now we have upgraded the idea and transformed it into Gold & Gems Art Promotion Council of Pakistan.


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